Dynamic Reforestation / About us

The beginning

Dynamic began with a tight group of hard-working, positive planters, foremen, and supervisors. We have always put our planters first as we believe their safety and overall happiness is the highest priority and not an obligation. We focus on building lasting friendships with our planters and positive working relationships with our clients.

Diverse employees

Dynamic is made up of an amazing group of people. We believe in hiring good people with great attitudes, the kind of folks who make the tough times manageable, even enjoyable. As athletes, artists, musicians, academics, parents, students, and travelers, we all come together each year to work hard, learn, share and play in some of the most beautiful places in the province.

Our proven track record

With a number of our original planters and foremen still working with us and the same original clients from our early days, as well as a number of new clients that we have built a long standing relationship with, people seem to like what we are doing. We have a large number of returning planters and foremen every year and continue to work with the same direct award clients since 2002.

Our pro-active company

We continue to build and maintain strong relationships by keeping a hands-on approach and looking after the details. The industry is changing so we believe in being pro-active and flexible. By focusing on strong organization and open communication we can: minimize downtime, keep our planters happy and exceed our client's expectations.

Supervision and training

Our owners are in the field managing contracts with an emphasis on supporting the staff and planters in their day-to-day efforts. We hire great people, give them excellent training and constantly strive to improve. Are you ready to make this your best season yet?

We are proud of the planters who, over the years, have thrown a shovel on our behalf and built this company one tree at a time. They have created a culture that vaulues a strong work ethic, dedication, and respect. These are the ideals we uphold when hiring new planters.

Want to be part of a Dynamic crew?

Project Managers/Owners

Miles Sanoy has been involved in silviculture industry for the past 30 years. Originally from Saskatchewan, Miles started as a tree-planter in 1990 to help pay his way through University. After graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor of Commerce, Miles started his own reforestation company.

Today with Dynamic, Miles works behind the scenes overseeing company operations.

Outside of work, Miles spends his time travelling, playing golf, wakeboarding, skiing and pursuing his most recent passion flying.

In 1989, Bryn Kilb started his career in silviculture as a treeplanter and has been involved in the reforestation industry for 29 years. The last 23 of those years were as supervisor, project manager and/or owner.

In 1997 Bryn received a BA Honours at Queens University and in 2002 he graduated with an MBA from McGill University.

Bryn’s primary role with Dynamic is as a project manager for treeplanting contracts, as well as coordinating vegetation management projects.

In the off-season, Bryn lives in Smithers, BC with his wife Christine and two children, Marcus and India. His passions aside from reforestation include adventure travelling and skiing.

Jeff started off in industry as a tree planter in 1990. He continued on as a planter, foreman and a supervisor for two different companies before starting Dynamic Reforestation Ltd in 2002. Jeff supervised on site and operations until 2009 before semi-retiring from the industry to move into financial planning. Jeff was a financial advisor and partner with Money Concepts/GroupHealth North/Aligned Capital Partners in Prince George, BC from 2009-2013. Jeff has now returned to Dynamic as a partner with his wealth of knowledge and business experience to run and supervise operations in and out of the field.

Jeff spent 15 years coaching alpine ski racing. Most noteably his two years as coach of BC Ski Team and one season with Canadian World Cup Downhill team. Now, in the off season he spends his time skiing and travelling with his family and mountain biking. Jeff currently lives in Williams Lake with his wife Rebekah and two children Maya and Lucas.