Dynamic Reforestation / The season

Thank you planters!

Thank you all for another amazing season of working hard, making good money and meeting great people

Throughout our contracts each and every one of you demonstrated a solid work ethic, professionalism and a genuine care for top-quality planting. It is through your continued success that we grow as a company.

Enjoy the off-season!

To our returning planters - it's that time of year again! Crews are filling up fast; please contact your foremen asap.

A typical season

We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our clients. We focus on quality planting, efficient production schedules, and strong organization to keep our planters working and contracts finishing on time.

    • Our shifts are 3 days on - 1 day off
    • (3-day work shifts allow for improved recovery
      This helps keep planters motivated & injury free)
    • We have consistently offered over 55 planting days for the last 5 years
    • Camp sizes average under 30 people
    • (We enjoy getting to know one another and smaller camps keep it personal)
    • Crew sizes are mostly 6-packs with select 12 person crews
    • (Small crews are more flexible, completing blocks more efficiently)
    • Bush camps exceed provincial standards & are well-organized
    • Custom kitchen & shower trailers, heaters in our mess and dry tents
    • Ample space lets you make lunch, eat, and relax in comfort
    • Camp costs are $25/day
    • Creative, top-quality cooks provide a variety of delicious & nutritious meals
    • Industry allowances put more money in your pocket
    • (Remote Worksite Allowance is offered to those workers who qualify)

2018 season details

Dynamic has another strong season lined up for 2018 with great prices and consistent work from mid-to-late April and into July with the possibility of late summer work.

We have over 17 MILLION TREES! Primarily with our usual direct-award clients and a few new multi-year contracts, so planters can expect good contracts with strong pricing no matter what Dynamic camp they are in.

Our 2018 contracts are located throughout British Columbia in the Cariboo, Thompson Okanagan, and Northwest BC regions. Start dates range from April 15th to May 1st.

Please keep in touch with your foreman to ensure you arrive on time for your contract.

For those of you who want to keep on working, we will also have backpack brushing work that will run from early August until early September.

Returning planters please contact your foreman for more information. If you are interested in joining the Dynamic team please apply online and someone will contact you shortly.